The Process

I use Walkers Ultra White Earthenware powdered clay to make my ceramics.  This clay is mixed with water to form a “slip” which has a consistency like pancake batter.

The slip is then poured into ceramic molds of various shapes which are made from plaster.  These molds draw the moisture from the clay to create the shape.  Once taken from the molds these are called “Greenware” and during the cold months can take to 3-4 days to dry ready for the next step.  At this stage the greenware is extremely fragile and needs to be sanded and cleaned before painting.
It is at this point that I paint your order, very carefully handling the piece so as not to have it crack or break.  When I’ve finished painting the greenware piece is ready for the first firing in the kiln which is called a Bisque Firing.

Once the Bisque Firing is complete (which can take up to 24 hours) the piece is then taken out of the kiln and two coats of food safe clear glaze is applied, making sure each coat dries completely before the next coat is applied.  The glazed pieces are then ready to go back into the kiln for the Glaze Firing.

Depending on the weather, the whole process can take up to 14 days to produce and unfortunately sometimes the odd thing may go wrong in which case the plate will need to be repainted and the whole process started all over again ☹

Creating ceramics can be frustrating at times, but once you take a shiny plate from the kiln ready to be posted off for someone special makes it all worth while.

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